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The Scandalous History of Weed

Ever wonder why weed is illegal. Find out about the history of the most popular drug in the world.

The Scandalous History of Weed2017-02-08T20:48:09+00:00

The Scandalous History of Contraception

Now that the Supreme Court has decided not all employers have to pay for birth control, here are some alternatives from history for you to consider. The history of contraception is a mix of folklore, superstition and magic. The range of approaches is both surprising and frightening. What is most surprising is that many of [...]

The Scandalous History of Contraception2017-02-08T20:48:58+00:00

Head Under Heels in Love

In 269 AD St. Valentine, a Catholic priest, was arrested, tortured and sentenced to death for performing forbidden marriages. His execution was done in three parts, beating, stoning and finally beheading. His skull is on display in the Basilica of Santa Mariain Cosmedin, Rome. His favorite song should have been "What I Did For Love".

Head Under Heels in Love2015-02-14T18:52:38+00:00

Mad Hatter

John Wilkes Booth, a Mad Hatter and a pair of scissors. A new Scandalous History Short.

Mad Hatter2017-05-19T19:54:59+00:00