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Why Scandals?

History isn’t boring. The way it’s taught in high school is.

Here you will find some of the stories that make history fun. Like a pope sleeping with his daughter. An American hero who helped bring Hitler to power. America’s most scandalous president (and it’s not Nixon). And a hero of Medieval Europeans who enjoyed making huge pyramids out of the severed heads of thousands of his victims.

These are a few of the juicy stories historians keep to themselves.

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  • Those Randy Romans

Those Randy Romans

The Romans had an effective natural contraceptive. It was a plant called [...]

  • St. Patrick

Molly Go Lightly

Traditionally only men could propose marriage, not women. Under the custom of [...]

  • alligator in a bathtub

Clean Alligators

President John Quincy Adams kept a pet alligator in the East Room [...]

  • Betsy Ross

American Whore Story

American spy master Betsy Ross directed her "girls" to sleep with British soldiers [...]

  • cat testicles

Cat Testicles

Cat testicles have been used as birth control in the form of [...]

  • Tallulah Bankhead

Tallulah Cokehead

Tallulah Bankhead stated "Cocaine isn't habit forming. I should know — I've [...]

June 12th

On this date in 1897, Carl Elsener patented a penknife that later became known as the Swiss [...]

May 29th

On this date in 1932 the Bonus Army started to gather in [...]

May 22nd

On this date in 1856  Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner was savagely beaten on the [...]

May 21st

On this date in 1932 Amelia Earhart landed in Derry, Northern Ireland [...]

May 20th

On this date in 1927 Charles Lindberg took off from Roosevelt Field [...]

May 19th

On this date in 1962 Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday to John [...]

May 18th

On this date in 1926 Aimee Semple McPherson disappeared from Ocean Park Beach near [...]

May 17th

On this date in 1990 homosexuality was removed from the list of [...]

May 16th

On this date in 1861 Herman Webster Mudgett was born. Mudgett is better [...]

May 15th

On this date in 1905 the city of Las Vegas was founded. [...]

May 14th

On this date in 1643, four-year-old Louis XIV became king of France [...]

May 13th

On this date in 1931 Jim Jones was born. A Marxist from [...]

May 12th

On this date in 1935 Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith met [...]

May 7th

On this date in 2000 Vladimir Putin was inaugurated as president of [...]

May 6th

On this date in in 1994 Paula Jones filed suit against President [...]

May 5th

On this date in 1925 John T. Scopes was arrested for teaching [...]

May 4th

On this date in 1932 Al Capone started his eleven year prison [...]

May 3rd

On this date in 1469 Niccolò Machiavelli was born. Machiavelli was a historian, philosopher, [...]

May 2nd

On this date in 1536 Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII, [...]

May 1st

On this date in 1776 the Illuminati was formed in Bavaria by [...]

April 30th

On this day in 1933 the great Willie Nelson was born. Besides [...]

April 29th

On this day in 1863 William Randolph Hearst was born. Hearst was one [...]

April 28th

On this date in 1789 the Mutiny on the Bounty occured. The [...]

April 27th

On this date in 1773 the British Parliament passed one of the [...]

April 26th

On this date in 1937 the German Luftwaffe conducted its first terror [...]

April 25th

On this date French highwayman Nicolas Pelletier became the first person to [...]

April 24th

On this date in 1984, 48 year old Jerry Lee Lewis married [...]

April 23rd

Today is the Vinalia Urbana, the Roman festival of wine. Every year [...]

April 22nd

On this date in 1994, Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the [...]

April 21st

On this day in 1924 the most famous photo of The Loch [...]

April 20th

On this date in 1889 Adolf Hitler was born. Following World War [...]

April 19th

On this day in 1927 Mae West was sentenced to 10 days [...]

April 18th

On this day in 1480 Lucrezia Borgia, the daughter of Pope Alexander [...]

April 17th

On this day in 1492 Christopher Columbus signed a contract with Spain [...]

April 16

  On this date in 1943 Albert Hoffman discovered the effects of [...]

April 15th

  On this day in 1922 the US Senate opened an investigation [...]

April 14th

On this day in 1907 one of the most brutal dictators in [...]

The Party Pope

Whether Alexander VI was a good or bad pope continues to be [...]